Sunday, August 22, 2010

In the Company, of Silence...

Silence sits between the two,
and these precious moments, have been few.
Distance has always hindered,
everything to be said, everything to be heard.

Though now, here they are,
and still the distance, is so very, far.
One just needs a hand to hold,
and the other, at times, just needs to be told...
that it's okay, to let down the walls,
that it's okay, to feel it all.

And they sit before a screen,
where little of the light in their eyes, can be seen.
And they sit, and they wait,
and the feelings, just don't seem to abate.

She sits on one end, and he on the other, both holding onto their dreams...
when they can finally, meet again, and tend to the once broken, seams.
When they can finally be in one place,
and just, just embrace.

Because then and only then, will the over-thoughts be to rest-
on that day, when they meet again,
then and only then.

The goodbyes will fade from their eyes,
and the light will replace the fogs of wondering, as to what may become, of these ties.

Until then, her heart sings, "just a few more months, and we'll be fine...,
don't you dear, don't you look behind.

We'll wait, for such a time is this,
we'll be open, because nothing at all should be missed,
we''ll sit together, just as we are...
whether near or far,
we'll trust that our Maker knows what He is doing,
because all things, He is renewing."

"Whatever is in front of me, I'll choose to sing Hallelujah."

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