Monday, June 22, 2009

A Wedding Spurs My Thoughts to Spin with the Music at hand...

Days 20-22

Hmm. I went to a wedding on Saturday and it was absolutely beautiful, such a true depiction of a divine romance. With each wedding that I take in, my eyes happen to glance at something that is beautiful, and true, and right. Something that spurs the longing within me to rise again, tempts me to lose myself with the once dulling desire and the once fading ache. I find myself wondering if it is alright for my little girl dream to appear from the dust. Something so poignant and touching to my eyes. I just find myself wondering if something so beautiful will ever be called mine. I long for God's desires to become my own, I want that more than anything else. I will not settle; I cannot let go of my passions. This is all for Him and I know that He will grace me with contentment and peace if I am to walk with Him, alone. I know that He is enough, and all I need.

Crazy, that my thoughts can run with the sight of such an event. However all in all, Kady's wedding, was absolutely beautiful. And if I were to be true with myself, I would hope that if a wedding is something God desires for me that mine might look as beautiful.

"Til Kindgom Come" by Coldplay is something so beautiful and indeed wedding-worthy. The lyrics are so true of the waiting that accompanies us all....

The book I have been reading mentioned something along the lines of my thoughts of longing and I might as well mention it:

"This is the real danger zone, because it seems that there is no other choice to put away this part of your heart. But to send your heart into exile because your longings have no hope of being met is to exile your heart from the love of God. And He would have your whole heart. It's hard to tell whether God is arousing some desire so that you may seek a new life or simply so that this part of your heart may be made whole in Him. But whatever else may be the case, you have to begin by giving this part of your heart back to God. Above all else, your heart must find a safe home in him."

As I wait, the beauty in this divine romance that is at the tips of my fingers is more than enough. Oh, the beauty of My Maker, astounds and leaves me awestruck.

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