Friday, June 19, 2009

Days 16-19

Day 16-19. Ha.

Oh man, I am so behind. Yet I haven't had a spare minute to begin to describe my most stressful and challenging week since I have been here. It isn't so much that much more was required of me than the rest; perhaps this is just what happens before a team of anyone can attempt to have a huge event. VBS is stretching us. It seems that some are losing sight of the reason behind it all, and I have found that to become very frustrating. These children have no expectations of how many stars are on the ceiling, no expectations of cardstock bookmarks... I understand that these adults want so badly to keep being driven, to reach perfection in their eyes, to keep doing and doing. Maybe they don't even see the harm in the constant doing and pushing for more and more, maybe I have the eyes to see it because of so many previous VBS' in the past in Mexico, with the children who uttered shouts of glee at the sight of a room decorated by a pair of people, who were in awe of fake snow. I know it is different in the states, I do realize that. Yet I think the eyes of most children are the same, that they all want to be loved, to feel the affection, to know that up in Heaven God has His arms open wide....

It has been difficult this week, to say the least. But above all, God has brought me through it. He hasn't left me.

I have decided that I will probably be leaving here a week from today, just so I can have a little bit of time with the family, a little bit of time to unwind and unpack, only to pack again and be off to Mexico on July 4th.

More is probably to come on this, but right now I just don't have the brain power. I have been going and going nonstop today, and I just need to allot myself a mental break here in Starbucks'.

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