Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 15-- A Welcome Outing in the Mix
So, as mentioned before, today was a day where rest was welcomed and enjoyed. A day without a schedule, a day that could flow with my own liking. Prime reason for venturing out of the house was to find something to wear to the wedding. I brought along an option or two, but to me, it is so very hard to know what to wear to a wedding.So I went out looking first at Kohl's, and then TJ Maxx. I did find an amazing skirt at TJ Maxx, but resisted the temptation because of the 25 dollar price tag. Amazing, yes, but convincing myselfto spend that much on a skirt--didn't happen. After that, I ventured to Panera for lunch and to enjoy a bit of a connection to the Internet for a bit. I then, went to Family Christian and was able to get two booksto keep me company--since I am reading like crazy. I went over to Old Navy, and found nothing wedding-worthy there either. I then ventured across the road for Starbuck's, it was a "You Deserve It Day,"a day that unless you are Kristi or Ashley Collins, probably wouldn't make much sense, but oh well. Finally, I went to Target thinking maybe I would find something on clearance, yet instead I walked around the store with "Slumdog Millionaire" and "He's Just Not That Into You...." And with my Mom's encouragement I ended up buying both. They were sale items, and the nights here are a bit [hmmm I can'tfind the word to use] it isn't that they are boring, cause I find contentment in the smallest of things, oh well place what word you prefer in that sentence...Perhaps, re-wording it to be that the items of entertainment I have brought are dwindling would be easier to understand than the former...

*The book I have mentioned quite a bit in this blog, illuminated yet again, another amazing point. I feel as if I must share it: The piece centered around our interactions with people, and posedthe challenge of reflecting Jesus' encounters with people. What drew me about this--was the author's depictions of how when we often try to help people we lose ourselves:

"We tend to jump in, as opposed to walking with God. Either we give too much or give too little, or we offer what is needed at the wrong time....What would happen if we began to ask Jesuswhat HE is saying when it comes to the people in our life?"
Eldrege mentioned that when He asks for guidance what he often hears is: "Give them to me."

"I know I am not alone in this bent to carry people. I'll worry about them in the night. I'll get paranoid with what someone thinks of me. I'll find myself having conversations with them when they aren't here. I'll feel as though I am not offering enough...."

Ultimatlely, it comes down to the fact that we never stop to ask God about it.

The bent he mentions is something that is so close to my heart. I often convince myself that I am the one to carry the burden of those hurting. Yes, of course, God wants me to love those and oftenlift them up; though He has never asked me to carry it all. I get lost in this battle quite frequently and this challenge is something that I am going to take to heart, because the hurting children are His and I shouldn't try and take the claim for them, I am going to give them to Him, love them with all I am, but not become convinced that it is all on me. He has taken care of it, He sees the bigger picture--that to my eyes, is missing.

It is a few hours later than once I started and I am in the middle of doing laundry. And I'd love some chocolate right about now. We just had dinner, but chocolate sounds pretty fantastic.Although, my stash of granola is no more. Nothing for this, "I have the munchies" moment [referencing a line from How to Deal] :]. Hehe. Wow, I am so random. Well, farewell for the evening. Perhaps, I willrummage through the pantry and see what the Lanes are hiding ;].

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