Friday, June 26, 2009

My time is already up?

raining sheets here, it is them that are,melting and washing away my every fear

ah the rambling it never ceases...

i have read seven books since coming here.
the other day i had a dream in spanish.
just a couple things to be mentioned somewhere along the way perhaps.

it's june 24th. i have one full day left here.
i can't rightly believe it is time to leave. my mind cannot grasp the fact that it has been a month. lou took me out to lunch today. faith hung out with me this afternoon following me around the office. when vbs was over she came up to me and said today is your last official day right?and then she got all excited when i told her i would see her tomorrow. it has been such a blessing working with dakota, covenant, faith, kelly, and amanda...mary beth and i took it pretty slow tonight, which was nice considering I didn't leave the church aside from my lunch outing.

Today, was such a beautiful day. I don't have the words to express what I am feeling. The office staff gathered for a chicago style pizza lunch since it was my last full day. We joked around, laughed, reminisced about what has been accomplished. It was wonderful, they gave me such a beautiful card, a mug, a scarf and a gift card to my favorite store; though their very love has been more than enough and blessed me more than they will ever know. Dakota and Luke came down the hall to visit me soon after while their mother was talking to Lou. Luke is so adorable, a little old man, his vocabulary is huge for his age and he is just a delight. One of the first things he said was, "I heard she was leaving." It was such a sweet visit with him and his sister. Dakota asked me some questions about where I am headed next and then they ventured off. I did a few other little things here and there and once again stayed until VBS started.

I helped out with the preschool registration, and in the classroom. Then Mary Beth and I went to the gathering service for the play and singing, and after the play was up I went over to the girls I have been working with, I happened to walk over just as Steve started to pray and Faith wrapped her arms around me. We took some pictures, and they kept saying how sad it was to see me leave. Daily emails were promised on their end and then we went up to grab Faith a copy of my email from the office, when her flip flop ended breaking. So we traded; I taped up her bright lime green flip flops and sported the duct tape look. Then they were off, and I went back to the preschool, where we had story time and sang. Then, I finally let myself go with the abandon that Lou has been previously mentioning to those in the office--the side of me that most of the time is replaced with a quiet sense of reserve. I let the boys chase me and we played a good game of freeze tag, though mostly they were just out to get me. I didn't stay frozen long enough to tag any of them. It was fantastic. Haha. Hmm. Then Luke's parents came in and we talked a bit about of what is ahead for me, said our goodbyes. I gave Faith a hug and promised to visit her, and she said, "I hope so, because your such a nice girl and I will miss you..."I went up to the office to retrieve my belongings, walked out to the parking lot and saw Dakota and Faith outside talking and walked over to them again and said goodbye. If you are a fan of Dawson's Creek I felt like Jen, before she gets in the Taxi to say goodbye to Capeside after they finish shooting Dawson's movie. Audrey says, "They are never going to leave are they?"Joey and the rest of the gang just keep saying Goodbye, we love you.... That was the moment, except there was a promise of girls' night out upon my next visit among the goodbyes and love you.
Those girls will forever be dear to my heart...

As well as the Lanes, whom I just bid farewell to. The hospitality they have shown me is absolutely amazing. I leave with a grateful heart with prayers on the tip of my tongue for these dear people, knowing that visits will need to become reality at some point in my future because the impact has been more than I would have ever deemed possible....It has been such a wonderful time here. My heart cannot fully explain how much of a blessing it has been working with Suburban Bible Church during this month. These dear people will never realize how much they have blessed me. I am left awestruck because once again, God has given me eyes to see that there was a reason for me being here. Eyes to see that it was worthwhile and that the people I have met are just another depiction of the God of Wonders, the beauty that is found when surrendering to a call even if you are fighting fears. There is beauty and freedom in surrender, and nothing will stop me, this undeserving daughter, from singing. Oh how He loves us...

Bidding you goodnight and farewell from this residence in Valparaiso and Highland, Indiana. The next time you will hear from me will be from home sweet home for the little less than I week that I am there. Then a slight hiatus for twenty-one days while residing alongside my heart in Mexico....

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