Thursday, November 4, 2010

"For Christ plays in ten thousand places,
Lovely in limbs, and lovely in eyes not his
To the Father through the features of men's faces."
Gerard Manley Hopkins

I am sitting here quite in awe of my Maker. Captivated by all He is and what He has done.
He's taken a girl, once wary and uncertain of speaking out, consumed with doubt. . .
that He would use me. That He would love me. That I could move for Him. That I could give up love for Him. That my calling was too big for my heart to bear.

And what has He done? But lead me into His Word, His arms of love. Where peace was found. Where waiting became welcomed, instead of unwanted. Where faithfulness is evident. "I am restless, until I rest in You."

She was lost in Your words. . .
and then Your tears were heard-
falling from the clouded sky.
You were acknowledging her wound,
because it didn't pass You by.

The teardrops on her window,
was Your delicate way of saying You know-
of the moments,
her heart has been spent.
of the dire need,
for affirmation, mere acknowledgement.
of the fragile state...
the wait.

But You are God of the broken people,
wounded, once off Your easel.
You are a mender of hearts and their million pieces;
You are God, and Your love never ceases.

You know the ache of being unloved,
and You had the strength to look up.
You know loss,
and its' cost.

And to think that You know and love all of me, that You see. . .
that I am not alone, never will be,
is something altogether beautiful and beyond me.

I found out today, that I have been accepted into an internship with NOE International starting in March. I will be teaching English, loving His children. I will finally be home in my beloved country, Mexico. It's been a long time coming. He is faithful. His timing is perfect. And suddenly, I am little girl giddy with ideas of newsletters, support raising, brimming with tears of joy and hope.

My God is taking me home.

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