Thursday, February 17, 2011

There's a girl who lost herself in hopes and dreams, and likes to think that there is more to life, than it seems.
There's a girl who would give anything to pack her things and go, to the home, You have always known.

She's fought the stares of many, and faced rejection, time and again.
She's pondered the worth of her life, when all was too hard to understand.

She's fallen to pieces and picked herself up off the ground.
She's been lost and she's been found.

There's a girl that has lost things, she will always miss.
There's a girl who questions herself, as to why of love, she always been dismissed.

She's battled life in rhymes, immature to some, she's certain.
But that's okay, because she has always strayed from spoken word, to hide behind the curtain.

Each moment has been more than she could ask for,
and she knows, all of her knows, You have something great in store.

And, all of her knows, that it's time she come clean.
The valley of shadows, is where she stands, and she waits for You to become seen.

She's fragile, needs to be mended,
and have her heart tended.

Somewhere, along the way, hope became hard to hold onto...
and she no longer knew-

where to go. what to do.

Tears kept, hand held,
by her Maker, her Beautiful Saviour.

You, You, alone know.
What her heart feels too afraid to show.

You know much it hurts, to be told to let go of the one You love.

You know the pain of being of told to wait,
that You can't go, others will go in your place, and You know the hurt feelings that will cease to abate.

You know much it hurts her, to be without the knowledge of the someday-
she'll get to venture to the Baja, be there, to stay.

You know that this is somewhere, she's wanted to be for so long,
You know that this, this beautiful place, is truly, where she belongs.

So hard to sit here, and be told it's not time;
Two years have passed and in the eyes of most, she's in the same place,
that waiting state, with just another rhyme.

Her heart can't bear to let another two years pass,
in all reality, she doesn't feel that she could truly last.

A dire need to proceed,
A call she must heed.

Years, have come, and years, have gone.
She will hold out for hope, of a new dawn.

She's clinging to the belief that there is healing, yet.
Thankfully, You won't leave her, nor forget.

Cause without You, her life could no longer be revived.
She'd be dry bones, without the breath of life.

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