Sunday, January 23, 2011


Tonight I will set my heart out to be joyful on the smaller things:

  • Mom's text to me while at work: "OMG I just got a bag full of clothing from Old Navy for 12 dollars!"
  • Mom's spontaneous decision to venture back to Old Navy, just so I could go take a peek at the clearance.

Tonight I am grateful for my sweet, beautiful mother, because I am surely convinced I couldn't live this life without her.

Tonight I am grateful for my family, that never leaves me.

Tonight I am grateful for my family and my God, because life would be unlivable without them.

It's such a beautiful consolation to have a shelter of people around you, when you seem too fragile to walk any further. Thanks be to God, who knows just what I need, before I can begin to acknowledge it myself.

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