Monday, December 21, 2009

Time, please don't take them away....


Steals and it takes.
Ridding everything she knows, and she is awake.

There are times, she looks down to those beloved names,
and she is scared because nothing remains the same.

They are all miles away.
And today-
the goodbyes became real and they did steal
....the messages singing soft sweet melodies are now hard to feel.

Though she knows that You are here in the pain.
She knows full well that Your love is true, and Your love will remain.

There is just a difficulty to see.
There is just a difficulty to be.

A month passed her by,
and her heart heaves a heavy sigh.
She knows full well what this distance can do.
And so she spends each night on her knees, praying that it won't take you.

Like the others who have graced her past,
who only grace the halls of her memory...
no longer there to grace her present company.

And she just hopes that won't become said of you,
that you will remain of the dear few.
That time will only strengthen this bond,
and that it will overcome this distance into time, beyond.

She falls onto her knees, and decided to hold onto all You are.
Because You are still God, You are near, not far.
Tears of gratitude, they are quick t o fall,
because You turned to her... and you didn't stall.
You came to her and pulled her out of the aching halls,
she is found in You arms of love, and this is what she constantly recalls...

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