Monday, December 14, 2009

Feelings, undefined.

Sitting, her heart shaking within,

Lost and spent, unaware of the fresh tears that are gracing her cheeks.
And there’s not life in these halls, like what she once knew,
The last awake and fighting off sleep, in the wake of her tears and her fears
She struggles and she is faint, but You are holding her, too.

What is this she feels? What cannot be easily addressed?
What is this burden and weight that she feels resting within her chest?

She has been called to die….

Yet it feels as if she is a living and breathing sigh.

Sleep comes, and it goes,
After taking two blue tablets, when she can no longer fight alone, and overcome her foes.

Though what once had a hold on her heart,
the pursuit she lived in denial of for quite some time, is not having any part.
With these past days,
She has learned, and is still learning to give it away.

So what is this? These tears that are quick to come
This feeling of being slowly unraveled, and left undone?

The wait is being embraced,
She is lost in this chase.
Her soul is finding that there is more to it, than just singing
That there needs to be actions that follow such, there is meaning

So what is this, when most of her feels okay?
What is this, when she knows that You, unlike all else, are here to stay?

There’s a hold on her heart,
at times she feels like she might be wasting away, that she isn’t doing her part…
Lost in a routine, two steps backward,
Or so it seems.

There is a passion that once looked close,
Maybe not in the eyes of most.
But to her, was within her reach of her outstretched hands
She knows it isn’t true, but when the battle gets hard,
the passion once held within reach, now seems to be mere grains of sand.

But You hold her, You aren’t letting her go.
This time she won’t reason something or someone else, in Your place, that she well knows.
This time she won’t run down the stairs,
She won’t leave with You unaware.

You hold her, and this distance isn’t something that will take that away,
You love her, and Your words never leave this unsaid, but rather it is seen and portrayed.

Though they may leave her behind,
Be lost in their contacts, no longer to find.

You hold her, You aren’t letting go.
You are fighting for her and You just want her to know,

“Lone girl,

my very own,

my daughter,

There is hope.

I’d rather die for you, than live without you.

There is requited love, here.

This burden you are bearing,
You needn’t be wearing.

So won’t you, let go of your fears?
I am holding You, I am catching Your tears.”

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